Storming the Chapel


After a day of wine tasting in the Northern Rhone region of France, and after a couple of beers, my cousin and I decided to storm the castle (a 16th century watchtower) that sits on a hill above the town of Tournon-Sur-Rhone.  We snuck through a couple of back yards, and found our way up to it, only to find that there was a road leading right to the tower. 


We stood next to the tower, talking about life, and looking across the valley at the iconic Chapel of Saint Christopher, that sits above the best vineyards in the Northern Rhone region, and we decided to storm the chapel as well.  We made our way across the valley, hopped a couple fences and climbed the hill, through the vineyards, to the chapel.  


Many of the most highly regarded wines in the world are produced in that region, largely from the syrah varietal.  Chapel Storm is a new world winery that strives to also produce world class wines, from Washington's excellent fruit, for local wine lovers.

Our location in North Tacoma inspired Tacoma-centric monikers for our Commencement Cabernet, and Stadium Syrah, while our Rumbleseat Red is named for our used baby stroller that has a rumbleseat, that actually rumbles, because of a bad wheel bearing.

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